About us

About Farmer Little

Farmer Little believes the best food you can eat is what you grow yourself and the next best thing is low food mile local produce.

Whether you are interested in sustainability, self-sufficiency, running a small scale farm or just enjoy home grown produce and the company of small animals, Farmer Little can help you.

Farmer Little seeks out good quality and unique products for his ever growing range of equipment and accessories for producing eggs and raising poultry including chickens, ducks, quails, and pheasants as well as other small animals.

Raising and caring for poultry and other farm animals on a small scale often starts as a hobby and develops into a small business. Farmer Little has a range of feeders, drinkers, nests, electric fences, incubators and brooders to suit day old chicks or few backyard chooks through to thousands of chickens producing free range and barn-laid eggs.

Modular nesting systems can be used in sheds, mobile houses and caravans.

Accessories such as thermostats, energizers, animal health products, egg trays and egg transport systems are also available.

If what you are looking for is not on Farmer Little’s web-site, feel free to contact us for more products or connection to one of Farmer Little’s friends.

Nests / Chicken Coops & Nesting Boxes

Get the best for your little farm. Farmer Little has an extensive range of chicken nesting boxes for sale, helping you keep your birds safe, warm and dry. Whether you’re just starting out or are looking to expand your home operation, we’ve got something to meet your needs.

Ensuring a secure, comfortable environment for your birds doesn’t have to be hard or expensive when you shop with Farmer Little. We work closely with manufacturers and suppliers in Australia and around the world to bring you some of the best farming equipment on the market at an extremely competitive price, making building a quality backyard farm something anyone can do. If you’re looking for a place to start, start by speaking to our team and find out how we can help you.

Intelligent roll away design

For faster, more convenient egg collection, many of our nests are provided with convenient roll away chutes, meaning even larger clutches of chickens can be quickly and easily tended to. Our roll away nest boxes are built by SKA, a global market leader in the construction of chicken coops. Based in Italy, SKA is the choice of brand for many home chicken farmers thanks to their durable construction, ease of maintenance and cost-effectiveness. Made from zinc-plated steel, they’re extremely resistant to even Australia’s harsh weather, ensuring that you’ll get years of use from your new coop.

A smarter choice for your home farm

Ensure you have the equipment you need to keep your chickens happy, healthy and laying with help from Farmer Little. Partner our coops up with our feeders and drinkers for a complete housing solution.

Order today, or get in touch with our team via our contact page and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Feeders & Drinkers / Poultry Feeders and Waterers with Australia-Wide Delivery

Making it easier to keep your birds fed and hydrated.

Farmer Little offers a wide range of feeders and waterers suitable for use with chooks, hens, ducks, pigeons and other birds. Whether you’re a backyard farmer or have a free range operation, we have poultry feeders and drinkers to suit any setup.

If you’re just starting your operation or are looking to upgrade, our collection of chook feeders and waterers are the affordable way to do it. Start a conversation with our team to find out which products are most suitable to your needs.

Chicken drinkers and feeders for sale

Building a better environment for your birds is easy when you do it with Farmer Little. We want to make it easier for farmers across Australia to make the right decision for their chickens, so we offer our range of chook drinkers and feeders for sale at some of the best prices in the Australian poultry industry. We also stock Treadle chicken feeders, one of the most popular designs for chicken feeders for dispensing feed automatically, and ship any of the chook feeders we have for sale to anywhere in Australia.

Farmers choose our chook feeders in Australia

We’re dedicated to two things: quality and our customers. Farmer Little is run by farmers, for farmers, so we understand what separates a good product from a bad one. When you shop with us, you can buy in confidence knowing that all of the chicken drinkers and chook feeders for sale have been chosen by someone who understands your goals, ensuring that you’re always getting the very best poultry feeders and waterers available in Australia.

Farmer Little offers a range of chicken feeders and drinkers in different sizes and styles, including 3 treadle (or grandpa) feeders that will protect your chook feed from rats, mice and wild birds, while allowing you to automatically feed a flock of any size. Whether you have two or two hundred birds in your coop, we have a solution for you. Browse our catalogue and find the perfect chicken drinkers and feeders for your set up today.

Helping your farm run smoothly

Make the right choice for your farm and order your tools and equipment from Farmer Little today. As well as poultry waterers and feeders, we also have electric poultry netting, and a wide range of chicken coops and nesting boxes available for sale. Any questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch through our enquiry page and one of our staff will be in touch as soon as possible.

Other Animals / Accessories, Feeders and Waterers For Rabbits, Dogs, Quails & More.

Whatever animal you keep, take care of it with help from Farmer Little. Our extensive range makes it easier to look after every kind of creature from quails to rabbits, dogs and more, giving you the convenience and longevity you’ve been looking for in your animal care products. Whatever kind of farm you’re raising, do it with our help.

We know that everyone wants to do right by their animals, so we offer our products at a price more people can afford. We’re dedicated to quality and affordability, ensuring everyone can fit the best within their budget. Look after your pets well with help from the range at Farmer Little. Browse our catalogue today and find something that will make your life and theirs a little bit easier.

Something for every animal lover

With a huge range of cage drinkers, rabbit feeders and other essential products for sale, it’s never been easier to get those foundational pieces that really make a difference to you and your animals. We’re farmers ourselves; we know what works and what doesn’t, so when you buy with us, you can do so in confidence knowing that you’re getting the very best. We put a premium on durability, longevity and versatility when picking our products, so you can count on your new Farmer Little product giving you years of service. Take a look at our collection and find something for your set up today.

A better choice

Farmer Little offers real choice for backyard and free range farmers across Australia. Whether you’re after chicken coops or brooding lamps, we have you covered. Browse our site today and place your order, or get in touch with our customer service department through our contact page and get the answers you need to make an informed decision.