50m Electric Poultry Fence/Net (free postage)

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$275.00tax incl.

  • Imported from Germany
  • Easy to pack and move from paddock to paddock
  • Keeps a wide range of animals out...and the birds in
  • 12 horizontal wires spaced from 5.9cm at the bottom up to 23.5cm at the top (bottom string is not electrified)
  • Verticals are plastic string, spaced 5.9cm apart  
  • 15 posts with double spikes are included, each 112cm tall with 15cm spikes 
  • Comes with a repair kit and support pegs 
  • (To be used in conjunction with an energiser)

Keep the Foxes Out with an Electric Chicken Fence

Australia has been stuck with foxes ever since a posh bloke decided he wanted to bring the British style of hunting Down Under, and chicken farmers and keepers have been trying to find ways to keep their chickens safe ever since.

Giving your chickens time to roam free on the range is vital to keeping your chickens happy and healthy, but how do you make sure they all make it back to the coop? Even with a Maremma (guard dog) or Alpacas, extra protection is needed and standing guard all night isn’t an option for the busy farmer.

That’s why electric netting and fencing is fast becoming the essential way to keep chickens and poultry safe while they’re feeding and watering in the great outdoors.

Electric poultry netting keeps chickens in and predators out

Specifically designed to keep smaller predators like foxes and cats out while keeping your birds in, our special electric chicken fences are the perfect way to make sure your hens and poultry stay safe when they’re outside, no matter where.

Thanks to clever German engineering, our electric poultry netting can be pulled up and moved from place to place, even rolled up for convenient storage and transportation. If there’s a clover patch on your lawn you want cleared up, just set up this electric chicken fence and be confident that your chickens will stay where they are, undisturbed by predators like foxes.

For safe chickens and shocked foxes try electric fencing

Farmer Little is run by farmers, for farmers, and only stocks quality products that they would use with their own birds. Because the electric fencing we sell was developed in a country where foxes are native, you can trust that keeping them out was considered and taken into account during all aspects of its design. Also being German you know that the quality control of what is being manufactured is always at the highest levels.

Whether you’re running a small farm, or just enjoy keeping chickens as a hobby, with Farmer Little’s electric poultry netting you can be sure that even the craftiest of foxes will get a nasty surprise. There’s also a repair kit inside, though electric chicken fences require less repair work as the electric current deters animals from trying to gnaw or claw their way through.

Find out how freeing an electric fence can be.

Order your electric chicken fence today for and discover the affordable, efficient way to keep your chickens and poultry safe. Reach out through our enquiry page with any questions and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 


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50m Electric Poultry Fence/Net (free postage)

50m Electric Poultry Fence/Net (free postage)

Imported portable 50m electric poultry netting with double spikes - NOW IN GREEN

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