Farmer Little is the one-stop shop for all your free-range farming needs. We can help you set up (or just make your workload easier) whether you have a handful of birds or you’re handling thousands of layers in multiple sheds. We sell only quality European products, so you can be assured that they will survive the harsh weather conditions that we experience in Australia.

NESTING – As Australian authorised dealers for the Italian manufacturer SKA, we stock their market leading range of roll-away and manual nest boxes. The 10-hole roll-away or 10-hole manual nest boxes cater for up to 50 birds and are an affordable entry point for starting your own free-range business. We also have the more automated Avio nest box system which houses a minimum of 250 birds and includes egg conveyor belts and nest exclusion systems. All SKA nest box systems can be incorporated into both mobile and static sheds and we are happy to advise you how to adapt them for you particular situation.

EGG HANDLING – Farmer Little stocks the world-renowned Lindamatic egg transport system. Starting with the simple European made 30-egg trays and our unique 240-egg folding crate all the way through to the pallet stacking system for large farms.

DRINKER SYSTEMS – We can help design a drinker system for your mobile or static shed and coop and we specialise in automated nipple and drinker cup options. We sell lengths of drinker pipe with nipples pre-mounted for easy automatic watering on mobile or static sheds.

FEEDERS – We are able to provide feeding options for inside and outside the sheds, for both young chicks or for fully grown layers. Apart from our large range of hanging and standing feeders, we can also design and supply an automated auger drawn system for static sheds.

Feel free to ask us about any of your other farming requirements like egg-graders and silos and if we can’t help, we will try to point you in the right direction. Contact us on –