We are pleased to introduce a huge range of new products from a leading European pet and livestock manufacturer that will be landing in the next couple of weeks. We'll be launching a range of products for poultry, birds and rabbits that haven't been available in Australia until now with plans to introduce more in the future. Some of the highlights are:

We will have a new set of matching poultry standing feeders and drinkers. They come in 3 sizes:

20L Feeder ($69) 20L Drinker ($59) (shown above)

30L Feeder ($79) 30L Drinker ($69)

40L Feeder ($89) 40L Drinker ($79)

These are made in high quality European UV resistant plastic.

Brand new roll away single nest box made of both zinc coated and painted steel. Complete with self enclosed roll away chute and collection. Suitable for 5 layers and perfect for the small backyard farmer. Only $89

Convert your own nest boxes into roll-away nests with this all-contained chute and collection (as seen in the one-hole nest above. Only $29.99

Also the bright new painted metal bucket feeders and drinkers. They come in mix and match sizes:

4kg Feeder ($35) - 4L Drinker ($29) (shown above)

6kg Feeder ($45) - 7L Drinker ($39)

12L Drinker ($49)

We also have some favourites returning for the rabbit people with the classic metal feeders (from $25) and the automatic metal and plastic drinkers ($15).

These and many more items for all types of birds and animals will start appearing over the next couple of weeks, so keep your eye on the "Farmer Little" website for the full release!